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The Tunisian Association for the Development of Artisanal Fisheries

The ATDEPA, is a non-profit development association. It was created on September 24, 2011 following the publication of a notice in the Tunisian official journal.

Sahbi Bayoudh and his son

Fishing boat builder

Artisanal fishing in Tunisia

 Artisanal fishing in Tunisia has long been classified as coastal fishing, all the while putting in place legal and financial instruments to limit its existence and facilitate its transformation into semi-industrial fishing. Outside, it is presented as a subsidence fishing practiced by traditional techniques respecting the natural environment and often using natural products as raw material.

Employing more than 70% of the workforce in the fishing sector (42,000 artisanal fishermen), artisanal fishing has contributed over the years to more than 50% of the value of national production.

Our projects

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Decades of overfishing have seriously damaged the fishing industry in the Mediterranean. Fisheries catches are declining, negatively impacting incomes and employment

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Sustainable Fishing Tourism

The project is part of an international and national context of safeguarding the ecological heritage, based on the development of sensitive areas and the adoption of the principles of sustainable development in order to improve food security on the basis of a real criterion of quality.

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Roles of the Marine Protected Area: MADPA

The “MADPA” project was woven on the framework of the objectives of the MedPan project and the needs of the target population through a diagnosis on the ground, reports of socio-economic studies (SMAPIII project),

Missions and Objectives

The association will try to get involved in the definition of fisheries policy by:

Steering Committee

The members are from the fisheries administration, scientific research and small-scale fishermen communities.

Islem Ben Ayed


Yassine Skandrani
Yassine Skandrani


Hédia Lanjnef
Hédia Lajnef

General secretary

Mohamed Chalghaf

Member responsible for membership and branch activities

Rym Hadaoui
Rim Hadaoui

Member responsible for membership and branch activities

Asma Ben Abda

Member responsible for fishermen

Soumaya Abdelmlak

Member responsible for press and archiving

Ramzi Hamrit

Member responsible for studies and committees