Sustainable Fishing Tourism in the CAMP “start-up Cap Negro/Cap Serrat”

The project is part of an international and national context of safeguarding ecological heritage, based on the development of sensitive areas and the adoption of the principles of sustainable development in order to improve food security based on a true quality criterion. Indeed, the area of the Cap Negro / Cap Serrat MPA is subjected to a progressive degradation generating problems of conservation and development of the MPA both at the environmental and socio-economic level. Our project is therefore the logical guideline for the awareness of this degradation. Urgent action is therefore required to limit the attacks by promoting socio-economic development and the integration of the artisanal fishing sector and ecotourism in the Cap Negro / Cap Serrat MPA. This is our overall goal of the project. The latter has as added value the promotion of networking in the CAMP area and the creation of a new relationship between consumers and fishermen through the establishment of direct sales points and the promotion of the label “club bleu artisanal” throughout the CAMP.