Civil Society Consultation Workshop (CSOs) on Small Scale Fisheries Policy Reform in African Countries

We, representatives of civil society organizations working in the fisheries sector gathered in Zarzis on February 2, 2014, as part of a preparatory workshop for the second Conference of African Ministers of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CAMFA ) to be held in Entebbe, Uganda from March 14-18, 2014.

We underline our support for the structures emanating from the African Union which deals with the fisheries sector and also for its partners which work for a rational and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources.

We appreciate the participatory approach of the « Partnership for African Fisheries » of NEPAD (PAF) and the African Union for the elaboration of the document for the reform of fisheries policies in the African continent by inviting civil society organizations to share their opinions and expectations of this reform strategy in order to ensure the sustainability of the exploitation of fisheries resources and to maintain the livelihoods of small-scale fishermen.

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